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Support and donate

Support and Donate

IFLS provides English classes to around 150 children, teenager and young adults. The school fee is between $0 and $3/month, according to what each family can pay. The few volunteers bring in $15/week for the organisation, but much more is needed. Because of this, IFLS school still relies heavily on donations.

We understand that backpackers are often on limited budgets and as such, donations from volunteers are appreciated but not expected. As a volunteer, if you do not wish to donate money, you may prefer to consider any of the following items:

* School stationery
* Exercise books (blank)
* Materials for art projects
* Picture books
* Short and easy children’s books
* English workbooks (all levels)
* Materials for the teachers
* Board markers

Non-volunteers can help too! If you would like to help underprivileged Cambodian children by supporting their education, you may wish to make a donation of school supplies or money. To donate money, please send on Western Unions. Any amount, however, big or small is a huge help.

Western Union for donation: Name of receiver: Kreng Huy

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